Is your brand chatter positive or negative?

How often is your brand talked about?

Who is talking about you and what impact could they have?

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Little Birdy offers you real time brand mentions through full media monitoring

With unlimited mentions, thousands of blogs, PR sites and social networks are indexed to pull back any reference to your brand and products, putting you in control of your reputation.

Your dashboard view will alert you to any activity surrounding your brand. This buzz is separated into both positive and negative sentiment, enabling you to quickly manage an appropriate response, either within your team or with our support.

Any posts that need a response can easily be managed.

All data is stored in a handy reporting module for you to reference over time and spot trends, improvements and changes to your brand reputation.

So how does it work?

Little Birdy is a subscribed service offering you:

Dashboard Reporting

- brand activity for that week

Reputation Metrics

  • Weekly activity breakdown - real posts for review and ability to manage responses as needed
  • Volume - where is your brand getting coverage and how often does it appear?
  • Sentiment - what have those little birds been telling people?
  • Influencers - see who’s been singing your praises or crowing about shortcomings

Content Dashboard

- See if your brand has been trending on Twitter and what search terms you should focus on promoting


- review of posts that need your attention


(for Enterprise customers only) - see how Hit Search are managing your online reputation on your behalf